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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

RAD Studio XE2 - Breaking out of 32-bit Windows

Published with permission from Embarcadero.

The Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 World Tour is upon us.

The features are shiny! The reviews will be rave! As a Delphi developer, your favorite toolbox is about to get a massive upgrade that you don't want to miss!

Click on the banner up top or down at the bottom of the blog to sign up for an event near you.

One of the new features is cross platform support.

On the long awaited end - your new Delphi will be able to do your old Windows 32-bit platform, and now also will compile your VCL applications to native 64-bit. Note that VCL will still be Windows Only. You may have to do a little fixing to your code, as Integer still is 32-bit but Pointer is 64-bit - so those old Pointer(Integer) casts will have to be reworked.

The most exiting feature of XE2 is that you can create GUIs for other platforms as well!
To enable this - Embarcadero nabbed the guy behind VGScene and DXScene and created FireMonkey - a whole new GUI framework that supports Windows, OSX and iOS in Delphi XE2, and that will (warning - speculation) very likely add support for other OS platforms in future versions of RAD Studio.

FireMonkey apps are cross platform - but they come in various flavors - so you still have to make a conscious choice about where to start...

Over the coming days I predict heavy blog activity with a lot to read about the new RAD Studio XE2 release, but in the mean time - make sure to sign up for the RAD Studio XE2 World Tour events!

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