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Monday, June 30, 2008

program begin end. // comments?

The purpose of this blog is to have a place to think aloud about my favorite tool - CodeGear's Delphi - and my daily struggles with programming in general and Delphi in specific.

During my thinking aloud, I might (frequently?) digress into the more philosophical "if only" direction in the context of how Delphi works contra how I wish it would work. We all have our ideas about how things can be improved - although what one man see as a solution, another man might see as a problem.

Every and any comment is welcome, so please feel free to share your joys, insights, opinions or frustrations.

About Lars Fosdal

I did my first commercial work in Turbo Pascal 3.0 in the summer vacation of 1987.

After having used Compas Pascal and TP 2.0 and 3.0 as a student and hobbyist, I accepted the task of porting a Process control application for Timber Drying Kilns from USCD Pascal on a DEC Rainbow running CP/M-86 to TP 3.0 on a IBM PC running PC-DOS.

In the process, I had to learn how to control serial ports, needle printers and graphic cards. It was one hell of an education and I probably learned more about programming in those two months than in the other ten months at school that year...

I have been around the Turbo Pascal / Delphi community for a while, but usually more as a lurker than a contributor, unless I was doing what I do best... exposing my "ignorance". In my book, nothing is so obvious that it cannot be questioned :)

I have always had the skill of asking stupid questions, and I am increasingly unafraid to use it!