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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blog++ / Google+ Delphi Circle

I just connected my Blogger ID to my Google+ account, and according to the update at the Blogger site, I'll be getting access to the new G+ integration stuff as it is rolled out. Can't wait to see G+ as the commenting system! I also tried out the new dynamic template, and you can see it live on the "Tools and Books" section, but that is not quite ready for prime time use yet. I like my gadgets and syntax highlighting... speaking of - I think I lost the booklist :( *sigh*

BTW: I already have over 200 people in my Google+ Delphi circle. Look me up at and drop me a comment to be circled!

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Windows 8 / Win RT Application in Delphi!

Thom Gerdes @ Embarcadero just posted about his first Delphi / XAML application for Windows 8 and WinRT on Google+. Blatant plug: If you have not signed up for Google+ yet, you should!
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